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How to book a Jeep Safari in Corbett?

Jim Corbett National Park is the talk of the town after the shooting of Man Vs Wild with PM Sh. Narendra Modi. Corbett offers Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Canter Safari, and Camel Safari (Joy Ride). This article is especially pointing jeep safari excursion in Jim Corbett. You will get tips on how you can explore the best of Jim Corbett National Park through a jeep safari in Corbett. This article is going to reveal some hidden things which you will really unaware of about the drivers, and guides of Jim Corbett National Park. Corbett Park is spread over 1300 square kilometer and only about 5% of its total area is permitted for tourists to roam. Let’s talk about the main points.

This is Lalit Mohan from Devbhumi Tourism. Corbett is my hometown and I am serving this destination since 2010. You can treat me as a destination expert for Jim Corbett National Park.

Before proceeding further I would like to ask you one question. Are you happy with your daily routine job or business? Most of the people don’t like their daily routine job or business if they don’t like what they are doing. Besides this, some people love what they do or they do what they love and learn new things every day. Going deeper and deeper into their passion and work. So, the point is the same psychology applies to the drivers and guides of Corbett. Some drivers and guides love nature and their work to go inside the jungle and explore it deeply every time. But most of these are only doing their duty.

No matter how many times you have visited Jim Corbett, you will be always excited before a wildlife jeep safari to Corbett. If you are coming the first time you may afraid of any mishappening or danger. But for drivers and guides, it is not much exciting because they do Corbett jeep safari twice a day. It is their daily job and they will not entertain you much if you don’t behave well with them. They can spoil your whole safari if they want, you will not aware of this. I have many acquaintances working as a driver and guide in Corbett and trust me I have seen some of them finishing their safaris within 2 hours.

Keeping your valuable visit to Jim Corbett in mind we are offering Premium wildlife Jeep Safaris in Corbett National Park. To ensure you the extream experience of the rich flora and fauna of Jim Corbett National Park. These safaris will give you the complete tour of the selected safari zone with 01 more hours to enable your pick up and drop from Ramnagar city. Apart from Normal Corbett jeep safaris, premium safari will take you to the every allowed corner of the selected safari zone of your visit.


bijrani jeep safari
Photo Credit: Alvis Lazarus Photography

The entrance gate for Bijrani is called “Amdanda” gate which is located 2 km west of Ramnagar city. Bijrani is the most visited jeep safari zone of Corbett National Park after the Dhikala zone. The serenity of the Bijrani zone is amazing and the place is much popular for good wildlife sighting. Through the premium safari to the Bijrani zone, you can cover up the maximum points of the Bijrani safari zone. You will spend 4 hours inside the jungle to maximize the chances of wildlife sighting. Bijrani has a wide no of roads interconnecting each other, so 4 hours can be easily spent over there. The normal safari takes you through the entrance gate to straight Bijrani canteen and then till the watchtower. Next, you will move towards the exit gate and your safari is completed. Wildlife sighting is all about the efforts of your driver and guide. You must have patience while in the jungle, sometimes you may need to wait at a specific place for hours to take the chances of sighting a big cat. The park is very wide and you must understand that you are visiting a very small piece of it for a very short time so you should enjoy the rich flora and fauna during your jeep safari.


jeep safari in corbett

Photo Credit: Alvis Lazarus Photography

Jhirna safari zone is located at 15 km in the south of Ramnagar city. The entrance gate for the Jhirna zone is known as the Dhela gate. Dhela is a beautiful village located in the southern region. You will go through the highway having dense Saal forest both side, that feels awesome. There is no waterfall in Jhirna zone, just the name is Jhirna of this part. Jhirna is preferred for Corbett jeep safari after the Bijrani zone. Likewise, for Bijrani, you can also book a premium wildlife jeep safari for the Jhirna zone as well. This will boost your chances of wildlife sighting in the Jhirna zone.


official logo of corbett
Photo Credit: Offical Corbett Tiger Reserve Logo

Corbett jeep safari reservation requires three individual bookings. First of all, you will need an authority safari permit which can be booked on the Official Website of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The official website is the only way to get a permit either for jeep safari or night stay in Corbett National Park. All the reservations can be made through the official website for all the tourist zones of Corbett. After getting the permit you will need to book a jeep and guide separately for your safari. You will need to book your jeep in advance whereas a guide can be booked at the time of entry. Let’s talk in detail.


To book a Corbett jeep safari permit navigate to the official website of Corbett National Park. The official website is the only way to book a permit online. Please follow the below steps to book a jeep safari permit on the official website of Corbett National Park.

official website of corbett national park
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

In the above image, you can see the screenshot of the homepage of the official website of Corbett National Park. To book a permit for a jeep safari to any zone you will need to register yourself with the website of Corbett. Navigate to Register and Book on the portal to register yourself. Kindly refer to the below screenshot.

corbett online reservation
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

corbett login page
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

corbett account registration
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

Once your account successfully created on the online portal, you can log in with your credentials. You may face some problems while setting up a password. You can choose a password like (your name)(one special character like @/_)(a couple of numbers). The password must be a minimum of 10 digits. Now login to the portal with your credentials. Once you are logged in you will see a dashboard page. Please refer to the below screenshots.

corbett jeep safari
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

To check and book the safari you will need to switch to Jungle Safari. Kindly refer to the below screenshots.

corbett jungle safari
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

corbett wildlife safari
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

Let’s make a booking for Jhirna safari zone. Select the zone from the dropdown and desired date of visit. Click on the go button to check the availability status.

corbett jungle safari
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

When you click the go button, you will see the availability chart for morning and evening sessions. To proceed further your desired safari must be available. If there is availability like 0/30 means safari is sold out for that particular zone. Kindly refer to the below screenshots.

corbett jungle safari availability
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

Now click on an available date and accept the agreement.

corbett jungle safari agreement
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

Next, you will be asked a total no of travelers traveling with you for the safari. Fill the total no of adults and children, and proceed ahead.

jeep safari in corbett tiger reserve
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

Fill the columns carefully, because it is the last step and after that, you will be asked for the payment. If your payment goes successful, you will be redirected back to the portal with a confirmation receipt (permit).

jeep safari in corbett national park
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

jeep safari in corbett park
Photo Credit: Official Website Of CTR

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