Travel TipsPacking tips for a vacation on the hills.

June 12, 2019by L M

Packing for any trip can be stressful, especially if not done right. Bad packing can ruin your whole trip, Make your travel packing easy with the help of some awesome tips listed below.

Start by making a kit for all the things you will need for your daily routine after you wake up in the morning. Fill your toiletry kit with toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner pouches or small bottles, comb, body lotion, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bath soap, and moisturizer.

Make a separate section for all your necessary garments.  Place your undergarments in first. Follow this with full and half sleeve shirts/T-shirts, capris, lowers or shorts on top, to make your travel easy and comfortable. Pack some extra pairs of socks, a bath and hand towel in this compartment as well. Because Uttarakhand is surrounded by hills and purely famous for its nature, beauty, and climate, it will be cold around most of the hill stations in Uttarakhand. Hence pack some warm wear too like body warmers, sweatshirts, jacket, hoodie, and other necessary warm clothes.

Pack one pair of slippers and another pair of sports/trekking shoes. This will be adequate to help you travel and move around easily.

First Aid Kit
Make a kit for all first aid essential products like antiseptic liquid, bandage, medical dressing and some useful tablets for blood pressure control, headache, fever and pain reliever. Add a mosquito repellent lotion /ointment to this kit as well.

Snack pack 
If you are traveling with kids it’s very important to always have something to eat available as kids generally tend to ask for food every hour and it may not be possible to stop and buy every hour. To avoid situations like this buy in advance, some dry snacks like biscuits, chocolates, chips, namkeen, and dry fruits. Also, have a water bottle handy and keep it filled always.

Be prepared for dark nights or light outs 
If you are visiting a remote area or a national park where electricity may not available all the time, it will be good to have an electric torch and candles available. Do not roam without shoes in the dark outside of your hotel/resort/lodge if it is located near a dense forest because there can be chances of coming across many dangerous snakes and scorpions.

Packing your favorite travel gadgets can be quite exciting. Collect your phone, phone’s chargers, camera, camera battery charger, memory cards and chips, headphones/earplugs, books and magazines, sunglasses and specs, a hat/cap and a power bank, to charge your phone during travel and in emergency situations.


* Pick your passport, visa (if you are an international traveler), Local Identity Cards, Credit and Debit cards and some cash.
* Pre-pay your utilities and credit card bills.
* Save hotels/resorts and tour manager contact details.
* Make a copy of all the important documents in case you lose your wallet and original documents.
* Pick some tour-related guidebooks and maps.


* Lock all the doors and windows safely.
* Unplug and switch off all the electronic appliances.
* Stop newspaper delivery until you come back to home.
* Arrange a caretaker for your pets, lawns, and plants.
* Empty refrigerator of those items that can expire.
* Leave house keys and a copy of tour itinerary with a trusted friend.
* Leave flight and hotel itinerary details with a relative so that they can reach you easily in case of an emergency.

Lastly reconfirm all the hotel/resort, flight and tour reservations with your travel manager before you leave from your place.

by L M

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